Some history untold

Some history untold

The beginning of an enterprise in the music involves a lot of work, how to do, what you must never do, essay and error, but always what always work is a demo. Officially i make my first release on digital/cd in the original project from mp3 dot com, but i’m gonna tlle this history related, of the old school style of work.

This is a lot of work, of course is an effort to make a good look, i did 2 of this cd’s, one for a famous dj, i’d never have feedback about him. But, the music was online, and in the latin american charts of the mp3 dot com, i was always in the top, in that years buying likes and have false followers was a real mistake and too difficult to do at that moment, the people really check all the links in that years.

Anyway i was making a real multimedia net campaign, without youtube in the 2000’s, and some day i receive a mail with an invitation for a real compilation and with $$ for my track.





This compilation is an essential  for the electronic music in Latinoamerica, was the first steps to build a connected scene between musicians and the real mass media bussiness.

A great percentage of the electronic music producers still are working on their own projects, some of them changes their styles but the support of project like this, give us a great energy for the future.