Christian Ziehlmann aka Metamann

Christian E. Ziehlmann Z. aka Metamann, professional Graphic Designer and Publisher decides to add an extra skill to their visual area in 1998, where his career began as a DJ and producer of electronic music, creating the meitrik colective 1999 (electronic musicians independent mei + trik).

He has developed his own style, innovating in the sounds of techno detroit and chicago house, always with the strong influence of the grooves mixed with the sound of Kraftwerk and the funky-disco.

In his live stand, Rave up tronika (BR), Encuentro Electronico (CO) Earthdance (CL), Techfest (CL), City Machasa (CL), VUUV (GER). With many independent publications, among which, Delahouse vol. 1 (CO), Colors Vol. 1 Milrecords (MX), Chile Loveparade 2006, net labels and others, currently has TOO published by Mona Records (SP), UTCH (CL), K-84 (cl).